The Smarter Way to Barter

Grow your Business and Conserve Cash

Tradebank is a cashless commerce exchange that provides opportunity for businesses to grow and expand by using the bartering system. The exchange works by two business using “trade dollars” instead of “real cash” to exchange products or services. For instance, when a member purchases your product or service the trade dollars are taken from your account and put into theirs. In order to keep the exchange running a percentage of each transaction is paid in “real cash” to the Tradebank organization. Just like a real bank account, you must have trade dollars in your account, before you can purchase products or services on trade. There are several ways to earn trade dollars:

  • By selling your Products or Services to Tradebank member – Sell your product at retail or provide specials and discounts to members.
  • By Attending Trade University – This class educates you on the barter system and enables you to become a proactive trade partner.
  • By Referring New Members to Tradebank – Every new member you refer, earns you trade dollars

Why wouldn’t you want to join trade and receive business your would normally not receive. Tradebank allows you to buy products and services with minimal cash out of pocket by allowing you to spend “trade dollars” for things on trade and by giving you more “real cash” to buy things not on trade. To get started with Tradebank, contact is Today!

Over 100 businesses in the Topeka area are members of an organization that helps keep cash in their pockets during these difficult economic times. Tradebank of Topeka offers businesses (as well as individuals) the opportunity to trade for items and services that they would normally have to pay cash for.

Businesses ranging from restaurants to auto mechanics enjoy the many benefits of being members of Tradebank—new cash business, an additional income stream, an organized barter/exchange network, and increased profitability.

When cash is tight, Tradebank members can use trade dollars rather than paying cash for plumbing service or opening their wallet for pizza. When business promotion budgets run dry, members can still advertise on trade.



  • Brings you new business on a continuing basis
  • Conserves your cash
  • Frequently increases your profit margin
  • Lowers your overhead cost
  • Members refer new cash customers
  • No accounts receivable
  • No bad debts or bad checks
  • Itemized monthly statement
  • Valuable new business contacts
  • Multi-state and international trading privileges
  • Your gross margin is inverted into a discount when you buy
  • We do all the bookkeeping for your transactions